Development of the male hostel gate by workers and craftsmen at university hostels with lowest costs in the following stages :-

Changing and constructing new chambers and iron coverings for hot water pipelines by workers and craftsmen’.

Installation of Ukrainian pipelines for male hostel

Construction of pavement and installation of tiles at the entrances of male hostel at the wall nearby the University Hotel.

Conch and paint the side wall of the student city.

Renovation of stairs for the entrances of buildings at female hostel (Off-Campus).

Renovation of stairs for the entrances of buildings at female hostel (Off-Campus).

Paint building (C) at male hostel.

Renovation of the buildings' reception from carpentry and upholstery.

Transfer the storage of male hostel, building (D) into a toilet for students with special needs

Convey the damaged closet from university hostel buildings to building (5) of storage for renovation of their blacksmith and paint to be suitable for use and convey it to buildings again to spread it in the rooms.

Repair the damaged leather chairs and wood and send them to building (5) to buy leather and sponge wooden discs for chairs to renew them to be usable and convey it to the buildings again.

Renovating high-density mattresses and buying another for male and female hostel.

Installation of computer halls with internet and electricity , and make tables for student hostel building (B).

Equipping new study halls for the female hostel to provide the appropriate atmosphere for learning and focus.

Creating and implementing dedicated toilets for students with special needs.

Maintenance and development work which has been carried out in building 1 at campus for renovation of toilets and kitchens.

Library of female hostel on-campus and includes a large number of scientific and cultural books and linked it to the digital library.

تEquipping computer halls at female students’ hostel on- campus.

Construction of ramps at the entrances to buildings for people with special needs.