General Instructions

  • 1- Students must abide by the rules and ethics during their staying at the university hostel
  • 2- Students should speak in a good manner and do not say bad words to the employees or their fellow students .
  • 3- Students should keep their personal belongings (money, gold, clothes, and laptops. And the hostel is not responsible for the loss of anything from the students.
  • 4- Students shouldn't wear underwear or inappropriate clothes in the hostel yard, balconies or between buildings
  • 5- It is not allowed for students to be on the roofs of hostels and students who do that will be exposed to the disciplinary punishment.
  • 6- Students shouldn't make any statements or holding seminars at the hostel Mosque without prior permission
  • 7-Students must keep their rooms and cupboards clean and they mustn't throw litter and paper in their rooms so they can throw it in the trash cans that are located in front of each room .
  • 8-Students should not stick any posters or sticker or write any phrases on the rooms walls or cupboards and if this happens, the student will bear the repairing costs.