About Hostels


Minia University hostel is considered to be one of the most vital sectors of university that plays a role in providing the living options that will serve the needy expatriate students with a residential life and care them socially, healthily, scientifically, culturally and athletically.

The university is keen to provide an adequate environment over the 24hr for its expatriate students, particularly distinguished, special needs and needy students, meanwhile it provides healthy meals, activities, comfortable rooms, and a space of student own to study, according to the quality and hygiene standards that support and facilitate their stay.

Moreover, it organizes hands-on activities for students and special needs students in all scientific, cultural, artistic, physical, social, and scouts fields in order to stimulate them to work hard in study, so that the university provides specialized staff in the fields of nutrition, social and student work to serve hostel's students.

The university has set terms and conditions by using ( El Zahra electronic system) to manage university hostels and achieve transparency and the principle of equal opportunities, and applying E-payment service system to pay fees through Fawry services.

The university spares no effort to achieve stability, and raise the level of accommodation, nutrition, and activities for the poor expatriate students of hostels, on the other hand, the resident students in the university hostels must keep those facilities, furniture, and equipment for their stay, as well as for future generations of students to benefit from the university and to realize that the level of accommodation, subsistence and activities services is fully supported. Minia University issued university hostel bylaw which organizes its administrative work in addition to set out some regulations, rules and conditions that must be observed by resident students according to university rules and traditions.