Information Technology Center - Minia University was established in 2015. It plays a vital role in seeking for digital conversion and moving forward to create Smart University.
It includes 10 main Units:
1- Information Network Infrastructure Unit : It aims to raise the basic infrastructure for information network of the university, to benefit from the information revolution and provide access to information quickly and effectively.
2- MIS (Management Information Systems) Unit: It depends on electronic systems that facilities work and help University’s administrations to make decisions based on accurate processing of decisions available in the university.
3- Electronic Portal Unit: The unit creates electronic portals for all faculties, departments and hospitals of the university those provide all information about these agencies and provide electronic services for the benefit of students, teaching staff and university employees.
4- E-learning Center: E-learning center aims to create electronic courses and make them available to students through the Internet so that they can reach them without restrictions of time and place, thus saving time and effort for students and increasing the efficiency of the educational process.
5- Digital Library Unit: It aims to automate the libraries of the university and develop its work to enable all library possession and services in electronic form to facilitate their work.
6. ICDL Training Unit: It aims to raise the level of knowledge of information technology and accuracy of using computer and its applications
7- Programming Unit: This unit is mainly concerned with preparing and developing the necessary programs to automate technical and administrative procedures in the various administrations and university’s faculties, which contribute to the development and improvement of administrative procedures.
8. Maintenance unit: The center includes a central unit for the maintenance of computers and its accessories to serve the faculties, administrations of the university and the community institutions, as well as personal computers of the teaching staff, employees university students.
9. Information Technology Training Unit: It aims to spread the culture of training for all and prepare human cadres of teaching staff, their assistants, students and employees, capable of dealing with information technology.