Minia University launched an electronic learning platform that will allow both academic members and students to apply social distancing measures to combat the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), as well as allow for easy communication during virtual classes.

University Platform

- Minia University established a vaccination clinic in University's Liver Hospital in the contribution to vaccinating medical staff, academic staff, employees, and students, and it dedicated a number 01023636687 for registration, by sending your copy of ID via WhatsApp application to register on the Ministry of Health's system and appoint.

-This service is available for those who wish to travel to the scientific missions or Hajj or Umrah, or for people with chronic diseases…etc., in addition to those who did not register on the Ministry’s website, or have already registered without receiving a response.

-It is divided employees into two groups to work on a rotational day basis.

- It is sent medical convoys to all faculties to vaccinate its employees.