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The mechanisms of attracting International students to Medicine Faculty

the steps to apply for a student’s subsidies:
1 – providing them with the faculty's history.
2- providing them with information about The potential of the faculty and what distinguishes it from others.
3- Inform them about faculty members who won the (scientific Awards), the State Encouragement or Estimated Awards, members of the scientific committees, editors and reviewers in foreign and Arab journals).

4-Prepare a guide for International Students.

5- Preparing periodic bulletins on the faculty's programs and publishing them on the faculty's website.

6- Publish a periodic bulletin on the faculty's activities on the faculty's website.

7- Organizing meetings for International students.

8-Create a Facebook group for International students to communicate directly with Prof. Dr / Mohammed Abd El Mohsen, the Vice-Dean for student affairs.

9-Forming a committee to discuss the complaints of International students and work to resolve them. Coordinator of the student and graduate standard Dr. Rehab Hosny Abd El Karim