Launching Aptitude Tests at Minia University
Minia University
from 2022-07-25 to 2022-08-06

Prof. Dr. Mostafa Abd EL-Naby Abd EL-Rahman, Minia University President, has announced to commence the aptitude tests for high school students who wish to apply for faculties that require passing aptitude tests, including faculties of Fine Arts (architecture - arts), Art Education, Specific Education ( musical Education department), Physical Education (boys-girls), Nursing, and Technical Institute of Nursing. He has added that tests will take place on 25 / 7 / 20222 till 6 / 8 / 2022 amid precautionary measures according to conditions and rules of the Supreme Council of Egyptian Universities and the enrolment is available online on the following website: Required documents: The student's sitting number of the high school. A copy of all aptitude tests that the student wants to perform. (1) Personal photos for every test except the physical education test requires (2) personal photos. Note: The above-mentioned phase is only limited to students who hold Egyptian secondary school, and aptitude tests will be announced later for students of equivalent certificates, Industrial Technical Institute diploma, and Technical Industrial Secondary Schools (3-5 Years).
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