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About the Faculty

The Faculty of Physical Education was established by the Republican decree N.87 in 1982. The faculty consists of 3 departments which are:

-              Athletic Training.

-              Physical Education Teaching.

-              Physical Administration and Recreation.

The faculty includes other special units and centers which are:

-              Public Service Center of Physical Fitness

Postgraduate Programs:-

Postgraduate Diploma, Master’s and PHD degrees in physical and athletics education in the following specializations:

-              Physical Administration.

-              Bat games and collective sports.

-              Physical hygiene sciences.

-              Individual sports and fights.

-              Physical recreation.

-              Curricula and physical educational teaching

-              Track and field.

-              Physical, social, educational and physiological sciences.

-              Exercises, gymnastics and kinetic training.

-              Athletic training and kinetic sciences.