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Historical Brief

Faculty of Physical Education was established on 310 acres in August 24, 1976 according to Republican decree No. 13 of 1976 where it became independent of Assiut University which included five faculties (Education, Agriculture, Arts, Science and Engineering).

In the academic year 1981/1982 the Faculty of Physical Education was inaugurated and the number of listed students at the faculty was 57. It’s worth mention that the system of study was internally, where the student was a permanent resident within the university and then the system was canceled. The first class graduated from faculty in 1984/1985, then the faculty received the first class for females in 1994/1995, they were 14 students.

The deans took over the deanship of the faculty since its beginning until now:

Prof .Dr. Hanafi Mahmoud Mukhtar                  from 1/9/1981 to 23/9/1985

Prof. Dr. Farouk El Sayed Abdel Wahab            from 24/9/1985 to 31/1/ 1989

 Prof .Dr. Hanafi Mahmoud Mukhtar                  from 1/2/1989 to 31/7/1990

Prof. Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Ahmed Khater       from 1/8/1990 to 31/7/1992

 Prof. Dr. Makarem Helmi Abu Harge                 from 1/8/1993 to 31/7/1999

Prof. Dr. Bahaa El Din Ibrahim Salama                 from 30 /8/ 1999 to 29 /8/ 2002

 Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Ismail Tolba Ibrahim            from 15/10/2005 to 14/10/2011

Prof. Dr. Mohsin Ali Ali Abu Al-Nour                     from 15/10/2011 31/7/2018.

Prof. Dr. Tariq Mohamed Salah El-Din Fadhli        from 1/8/2018 until now.