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Requirements for obtaining quality

Eligibility to apply for accreditation for an educational program

Any institution of higher education in Egypt may apply for accreditation from the Commission for one or more of the educational programs provided by the institution, provided that it has sufficient capacity to do so by fulfilling the following conditions:

The institution shall be licensed by the Ministry of Higher Education to work as an institution of higher education.

The institution has been granted a study certificate in the educational program which is required to be accredited at least once (completed at least one full course)

The institution should have a specific, approved and declared message and a documented strategic plan.

The educational program should have an internal quality assurance system and annual reports for the educational program.

Applying documents

Application for accreditation according to Form No. (1) in the educational program accreditation manual (hard copy + electronic copy)

The strategic plan of the institution(four hard copies + electronic copy)

Self-study of the educational program (four hard copies + electronic version)

Internal Regulations for Bachelor's / Bachelor's and Postgraduate Studies (four hard copies + electronic copy)

Internal Regulations of the Quality Assurance Unit (four hard copies + electronic copy)

Description of the educational program (four hard copies + electronic version)

The course of the educational courses (paper copy + electronic version)

Program reports and educational decisions for the last academic year (hard copy + electronic version)

Filling out quantitative assessment forms for physical resources (hard copy + electronic version)

Fees for applying for accreditation for the educational program: Acceptable check payable on behalf of the Authority with a financial value of thirty thousand Egyptian pounds