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Publishing rules in the Journal of Arts and Humanities


Which is issued by the Faculty of Arts, Minia University .

 The journal accepts innovative scientific research in Arabic or in one of the living languages, with the following conditions:

1- The research should be new and its content has not been published before. The researcher acknowledges that the research has never been published before and that it is his pure scientific effort and that he is not quoted from a doctorate or master's thesis. In the case of promotion research for master's or doctorate degree, the applicant may choose a topic derived from the subject of his thesis, subject to arbitration by a specialized scientific committee

  1. The researcher will send four hard copies of his research as well as a copy of the research on a CD-ROM on Microsoft Word 97.
  2. The researcher shall sign a written consent from him to request publication of the research in the journal, electronically with his adherence and his implicit commitment to all the conditions stipulated in the terms and procedures of publication in the magazine.
  3. The title of the research shall be as comprehensive and as narrow as possible and shall be a true mirror of the content of the research.

         As for the research published in English, the title of the research is written in the font New Times roman in the center of the font 14 Bold, and leaves a line with 12 and writes the name of the researcher in the middle Bnt 12 Bold, and below the scientific status of the researcher and his university on two lines of the same font type and Pnet 9, and then leave a line and write the word Abstract The bottom is followed by a 11-Bold font on the left, followed by a summary table with the same type of font and 10 Bold with a line between lines 1. The summary follows the introduction to the introduction. , And introduced previous studies in the Wake field The board of the introduction is the same as the font type, and with an average of 11, it is distinguished from the sub-headings, all of which are written in 11-Bold. Then the method of research Methodology, or the so-called methods and materials and includes the hypotheses of scientific research and its way of research and thought, texts, principles, evidence and analysis and methods of presentation of the article, Then the researcher presents his research through the points, and then the results Results, interpretation and evaluation, in which the researcher answers the research questions and links results to the results of others, and in all cases must be clear the personality of the researcher in all steps of the research until the conclusion of the research Conclusion, and the results reached , And recommended by the researcher recommendations, and propose research points that are an extension of his research and achieve the so-called cumulative property of science. The end of the research shall be accompanied by a summary in English if the research is in Arabic and in Arabic if the research is written in any other language, but the abstracts shall not exceed 250 words. The researcher explains the problem of his research, procedures, tools and the most important results.

  1. The margins of the research, quotations and references shall be established at the end of the paragraphs quoted as follows

    (Author's name - year - page). These footnotes should be indicated in the list of references that are fixed at the end of the research arranged in alphabetical order.

6 - Drawings and maps black ink on the leaves of independent dimensions do not exceed the dimensions of the page size of half the eighties. Clear images are provided on satin paper with dimensions of 10 x 15 cm.

7- The research shall ensure the interviews of the Arabic terms used once upon first arrival.

  1. The research submitted to the evaluation shall be subject to the validity of the publication, and the research shall be judged by two professors who are members of the permanent scientific committees in the specialization or members of the reading committees. In all cases, the selection of the arbitrators shall be through the editor and the editor. Which are stored in the journal's databases containing the addresses, telephone and e-mail of each of them for easy access when requesting arbitration.
  2. The arbitrator shall be sent the requested research after the researcher's name is blocked in a closed envelope or by e-mail to him by the board of directors of the journal. The arbitrator shall review the research and write a scientific report on it in a form prepared for this purpose. Implementation of the researchers to the amendments recommended by the arbitrators by the Editor's Secretary, and after the signing of the arbitrators on the implementation of all the amendments made by the researcher, the researcher delivers his research from the origin and image printed on the computer on the paper half-eighth of one face only, and with a CD CD, following the conditions in the form Search and remove it Adoption approval of the publication by the editor, until it comes out search in the good image of the publication of a befitting Musharraf as the Journal of the Faculty of Arts, Minia University.

All research submitted for grammatical and linguistic review shall be subject to additional fees.

11 - Research common to more than one researcher, each researcher determines his role in it very clearly does not accept discussion and debate.

12- The researcher obtains a copy of the issue in which he publishes his research, in addition to 10 transcripts of the research. Moreover, in the case of joint research by more than one researcher or if two or more copies are requested, this is at the normal selling price of the journal.

  1. The journal is not obliged to return the research to its owners if it is not accepted for publication.
  2. All correspondence shall be effected