University Values

Preparation of cadres

Preparing specialized technical cadres in various fields which meet the needs of the society and are required by the areas of comprehensive development

The quality

Providing the qualified in the new disciplines which required by the labor market through the application of high standards to evaluate the level of scientific research, and encourage the outstanding and creative in the work to achieve leadership and excellence, we always seek to be the best in everything we do in the field of teaching and practical research and innovation, society service, and serve each other in our daily lives.

Training and Scientific Research

Developing the capacity of staff, their assistants, university employees, and students through training courses to increase their abilities. It also provides research and scientific and applied studies related to community problems and development programs.


Emphasizing noble human values, deepening the value of national loyalty and preserving the original principles of society. Respect also helps us to understand the unique talents and contributions of every person in the university community to promote diverse perspectives and embrace the university to respect personal dignity and individual potential constantly, making it ready to receive students and help them to succeed.

Infinite knowledge

The pursuit of knowledge and truth throughout our lives by improving our society and ourselves, which enhances our understanding of each other.