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Summer Festival for Student Activities at Faculty of Arts
Puplish date: 2019-07-11

Within the framework of the University’s plan of summer 2019, student welfare office, faculty of arts, organized a summer festival for student activities in collaboration with department of Sociology. The festival was held under the aegis of Minia University President Prof. Dr. Mostafa Abd El-Naby and dean of faculty of arts Prof. Dr. Ragab Abd El-Mawla, attended by the faculty’s dean, university president advisor for student activities Prof. Dr. Hany El-Araby, vice dean for education affairs and students, general supervisor Prof. Dr. Khallaf El-Shazly, chairman of Sociology department Prof. Dr. Enas Hassan, manager Ashraf Helmy and manager of the student welfare office Dr. Tarek Zaghloul. The festival included various programs like; football penalty kicks, table tennis and competitions in different fields.