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Quality Assurance Unit


Phone Number

:           2110010-086

Unit Director: Assistant Prof. Ahmed Saad

Deputy: Dr Safwat Ali Mohammed  Unit

Measurement and Evaluation Unit manager: Dr. Marim Ahmed Abdulwahab




Unit team Work


    Dr.Mohamed abd elfatah abd elrahman senosy

  • Students and Alumni
  • Learning and Education

       Dr.kamel mohamed mohamed abdallah

  • Community participation and environmental development
  •   Administrative System

       Dr.ahmed saied mostafa ali

  •  •Quality management system and continuous development
  •   Scientific rReseach and Activities

       DR.ahmed elsaied abdelghany  

  • ethics and credibility
  • Post graduate studies

             Dr.mariem ahmed abd elwahab    

  •   organizational system
  • staff members

              Dr.safwat ali mohamed

  • strategic plan
  • educational programs and academic standards

          Dr.ahmed abdelwhab mohamed      

  • Financial and Human Resources
  • leadership and governance

Eng.boless sameir grass            

  • the unit specialist

Unit Objectives

  • The project aims to develop the professional, administrative and scientific performance of the faculty of Veterinary Medicine to reach the level of quality that corresponds to local and international standards to achieve the faculty accreditation
  • Spread the culture of quality and culture of Evaluation among the staff members, employees and students.
  • Develop awareness of quality in the higher education institutions.
  • Achieve efficient administrative and technical performance according to the local and the international standards, which  lead to the creation of administrative leaders who are capable of carrying out their functions.
  • To ensure the continuation of the quality system in the faculty in order to maintain the required level of performance academically, administratively and technically