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Brief historical

The Faculty of Tourism and Hotels Minia University was established by the Republican Decree No. (419) dated 27/12/1995 and the actual study has started in the academic year 97/98.
The tourist guidance department was moved by its four departments from Arts Faculty to Faculty of Tourism and Hotels by a decision of the University Council.

The faculty has three departments

    1.Tourism Guidance department.

    2.Tourism Studies Department.

    3.Hotel Studies Department.

Minia University would be granted at the request of the faculty committee the academic grades

First: Bachelor degree in one of the specializations in the faculty.

Second: Diploma of postgraduate for two years in one of the following specializations:

1.    Tourism.

2.    Tourist guidance.

3.    Hotel management.
Third: Master's degree and PhD of Philosophy in one of the following specializations:

1. Tourism Studies.
2. Tourist guidance.

3. Hotel studies.

Studying system:

The study varies between the theoretical system and the practical application So that a kind of balance occurs to get the student the knowledge and skills he needs in his career.

Foreign languages are considered at faculty is the common factor between all departments of the faculty because of its importance to the student in his career after graduating where work nature is imperative dealing with many individuals and foreign contacts in addition, foreign languages are the window which every student approaches the outside world to learn about the civilizations of other peoples.