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Institutional accreditation standards (quality standards)

Institutional accreditation standards (Quality)

1-strategic plan

    strategic plan

2- Leadership and Governance:

    Professional ethics
    Job description brochure
    The mechanism of selecting the ideal employee
    Criteria for selecting administrative leaders
    Job description guide and selection and appointment controls
    Job description booklet, part one
    Job description booklet, part two
    Criteria for selecting administrative leaders
    Core values document

3- Quality management and development

    Bachelor's List 2004
    Bachelor's List 2014/2015
    Postgraduate list
    Annual Report of the faculty 2014-2015
    Annual Report of the faculty 2015-2016
    Annual Report of the faculty 2016-2017
    Quality Assurance Unit's Annual Report 2015-2016
    Quality Assurance Unit's Annual Report 2016-2017
    Quality Assurance Unit's Annual Plan 2015-2016
    Quality Assurance Unit's Annual Plan 2016-2017
    2016-2017 self-assessment report
    2015-2016 self-assessment report
    Improvement plan follow-up report 2016-2017
    2015-2016 Improvement Plan Follow-up Report
    Quality Assurance System Manual
    Quality journal, first issue
    Quality journal, second issue
    Faculty's annual report 2017/2018
    Faculty's annual report 2018/2019

4- Faculty and support staff.

    Teaching staff
    The mechanism of dealing with the deficit and surplus
    Mechanism for identifying training needs
    Training Needs Determination Form
    Training plan for developing the capabilities of faculty staff 2017/2018
    Training Impact Measurement Tool
    Report on the work of the training workshop
    A comprehensive system for evaluating the performance of faculty staff
    Self-evaluation form for a faculty staff for the academic year 2016-2017
    Department head evaluation form for faculty members
    Satisfaction survey of faculty members
    Tourism Guidance staff CVs
    Hotel management staff CVs
    Tourism Studies staff CVs

5- Administrative body

    Mechanisms of evaluating administrative body's performance
    Mechanisms to fill the deficit or surplus in the administrative system
    Perfect employee banner

6- Financial and material resources.

    Emergency evacuation plan

7- Academic criteria and program design.

    Academic standards
    Hotel management software matrices
    Description of hotel management program
    Hotel management program's report
    Hotel management program's course reports
    Hotel Management Program's Course Descriptions
    General specifications for a graduate of Tourist Guidance Program
    Tourist guide program's course reports
    Matrices of Tourist Guidance Program
    Descriptions of Tourism Guidance Program's courses
    Description of the tourism guidance program
    Tourism guidance program's report
    Tourism Studies Program Matrices
    Tourism Studies Program Report
    Description of Tourism Studies Program's courses
    Description of Tourism Studies Program
    Tourism Studies Program's Course Reports

8- Teaching and learning

    Library instructions
    Skills acquisition system for students

9- Students and graduates

    Mechanism of dealing with Complaint
    Mechanism of attracting international students
    Student guide 2016-2017
    Student Guide 2017-2018
    Education and Students Affairs Manual
    Hotel Management Graduates Handbook 2016-2017
    2016-2017 Tourism Guidance graduates Handbook
    Tourism Studies Final Graduates Handbook 2015-2016
    System of facing the needs of students
    Admission and Transfer system
    Tourism Studies Final Graduates Handbook 2016-2017
    Training plan for graduates for the university year 2017-2018
    Graduates follow-up unit list

10- Scientific research and scientific activities

    Ethics of Scientific Research
    Research plan
    Faculty Research Guide

11- Graduate studies

    Postgraduate Admission Requirements
    Supervision Mechanisms
    Mechanism of registration and distribution of supervision and follow-up for scholarship students
    Mechanism of evaluating and reviewing postgraduate programs
    Tourism guidance Master Course Reports 16-17
    Hotel Master Course Reports 16-17
    Tourism Master’s Course Reports 16-17
    Hotel Management Ph.D. Program Report 16-17
    Doctoral Program Advising Report 16-17
    Tourism Doctorate Program Report 16-17
    Hotel Management Master's Program Report 16-17
    Tourism guidance Master's Program Report
    Tourism Master's Program Report 16-17
    Description of PhD program
    Description of tourism PhD program
    Description of the Master's Program in Hotel Management
    Description of the Master's Program in tourism guidance
    Description of tourism master's program
    Description of Hotel Management's Ph.D.
    Pre-Master Course Description Counseling 16-17
    Pre-Master Course Description Tourism 16-17
    Pre-Master Course Description Hotels 16-17
    Postgraduate Strategies Guide
    Postgraduate Student Handbook
    Matrices of Tourism Studies – Postgraduate Program
    Matrices of Hotel Management Master - Postgraduate Program
    Matrices of Tourism Guidance Master - Postgraduate Program

12- Community participation and environmental development

    Community Service Team journal
    Plan of community service 2017-2018
    Community service plan for the academic year 2016-2017