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It is based on adopting the practices of self development, competition preparation for the teacher and the specialist of the various qualitative fields in pre-university and university education stages and professional qualification to employ their skills in order to meet the needs of educational institutions and labor market requirements at the national and international levels.

Preparing and developing programs and study courses for different disciplines in order to achieve the highest degrees of scientific proficiency and compatible skills and global levels with emphasis on the creative outputs of the educational process to serve the labor market and have social, and economic resources.

Faculty Objectives

The strategic objectives of the faculty  are aligned with the strategic objectives of the university, and it is  determined as follows: 1. Preparing the teacher and the specialist in various qualitative fields of pre-university education stages at various levels in light of the requirements of the society and the labor market. 2 Prepare a graduate with the ability to produce, manage small projects, and the skill of cooperative work to serve the labor market and achieve a developmental and economic return. 3 - Provide consultation in the specific areas of the various bodies and institutions of community and contribute to the solution of common specialist issues. 4. Supporting and carrying out the dissemination of scientific, practical and field research in educational fields and disciplines of a qualitative nature in the service of community development