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Goals of Quality Assurance Unit





  The unit aims to evaluate and develop university performance through measuring performance indicators for the inputs and outputs of the educational process (faculty members - staff - students - graduates ..........) and include:

- Spreading the culture of the quality of the educational process among faculty members and faculty students by organizing discussion sessions, workshops and training courses concerned with developing university performance and ensuring quality, in order to raise awareness of the importance of quality assurance mechanisms.

- Designing and preparing forms or tools necessary for evaluation to include evaluation mechanisms and criteria and procedural steps for implementing the quality assurance system.

- Exchanging experiences and ideas for developing qualitative education with similar centers and units in faculties of specific education in Egyptian, Arab and international universities and getting benefit in achieving the desired development.

- Determining the strengths and weaknesses in the capabilities and academic programs offered by the faculty, providing proposals and appropriate means to overcome it, setting action plans with timing and levels, and determining the necessary capabilities for it.

- Authenticating the program and academic courses, and the creation of a database and integrated files for all academic programs and courses for all degrees offered by the faculty, in preparation for endorsing of what is in line with international standards and the competent local and global bodies.

- Follow-up on the development of the various departments of the faculty for its programs to bring their graduates to a distinguished level among the graduates of the corresponding faculties in other universities in order to achieve competitiveness in the local and regional labor market.

- Submit an annual report to the faculty according to the standards of the National Committee on the faculty’s performance in the field of education, postgraduate studies, research, and professional and community services.

- Preparing the faculty for the development stage leading to accreditation.

- Implementation of the faculty's quality assurance strategy and applying the necessary mechanisms for implementation within the faculty.

- Developing mechanisms that lead to quality assurance within the faculty, through:

*Making reports on courses and programs each academic year, as well as making the annual report of the college.

*Setting academic standards and reference marks for the various programs of the faculty.

*Follow up the implementation of the work plans set by the faculty and submit a report on it to the dean.

*Awareness of faculty members, their assistants, students, as well as faculty staff, about the mechanisms of quality assurance and measuring their conviction of its feasibility.

*Supervising the distribution and analysis of the results of questionnaires that help in evaluating academic programs and courses by students and faculty members.

*Follow up the faculty members' research activity and analyze the faculty's performance.

*Strengthening the faculty's performance in the field of community service and environmental development.

*Supporting the faculty's relationship with its graduates and following up on their progress in their jobs.

*Ensuring the continuation of the activity of the quality assurance and accreditation unit at the faculty.