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Professional ethics document

Professional ethics document

The faculty members follow the following professional ethics:

Mastering the scientific material by looking at the latest references and good preparation

Mastering teaching of the scientific subject , applying the latest teaching methods , activities and the commitment of accuracy and fairness in evaluation

Participating in student activities advising and listening to them and respectful moderation in dealing with them and know the individual differences between them

Equal treatment between students

Love of knowledge, science, research, follow-up of the Secretariat, scientific ethics, continuous scientific development and application of intellectual property rules

To follow the rules of work and respect for all and not to act by saying or work to disgrace the profession of a faculty member

To play a role towards the community by linking scientific research with the problems of the community and to produce a graduate who serves his society

A document on the ethics of a member of the administrative body

The faculty members of the faculty follow the following professional ethics:

Mastering the work and providing the best service according to the available possibilities

Follow the college system and apply its regulations

TRespect for presidents, colleagues and subordinates

To preserve the dignity of the administrative profession and not to conduct the profession

Maintain the physical resources and economy of the faculty

Perform the required work accurately and safely and without dependence on others or complaint

Maintain work schedules

Treat everyone equally and impartiality to a class or person

University students ethics document

Faculty students follow the following ethics:

Commitment to lectures and practical training

Respect for faculty, staff, administrators and colleagues

Preserve the physical resources of the faculty and economy in their use

Diligence in the study and scientific research

Preserving intellectual property rights and the ethics of scientific research

Honest competition is a healthy thing

Non-bias towards a class or person who violates university rules