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Dean word

 Praise be to Allah who thanks His good deeds my sons and daughters, students and  of the Faculty ..the Hope of the bright future ... On your hand we build Egypt .. And by your work we go up .. Make sure to combine science and ethics, science is light, and the light of God is not guidance to Insurgent. Remember that the relationship between science and ethics is like the relationship between zero and loneliness. The more zeros, the greater the value, but if one is deleted, zeros have lost their value no matter how many, so there is no value to science without ethics. The College aims to prepare you to be the vanguard of culture and enlightenment in the society, in addition to exchanging experiences through distinguished research. The faculty  puts all its scientific, technical and administrative capabilities in the service of your scientific and educational goals to trust all the confidence that you are entitled to use and the responsibility. Make the science of life, and make the university your presence. Therefore, the faculty aims to achieve the objectives of university education, excellence, modernization and continuous development of educational programs, curricula, and academic, knowledge, methodological and professional contents in various disciplines; to keep abreast of global development and comply with quality standards through communication with civil society and preparation of graduates with a distinguished scientific level, Local, Arab and international work, and the realization of the requirements of social and economic development. In the next phase, the faculty will proceed to establish new programs in different disciplines, whether at the departmental level or between the college and other faculties. So they took my sons and daughters to receive the science and collect it to achieve your hopes, and reverence your teachers and took them, and likened their qualities, and required research and diligence; Finally, I wish you the best of God and success, and more diligence and perseverance to achieve success, and continue to research, innovation and innovation to achieve a bright future, God willing. Dean of the Faculty, Prof / Zeinab Mohamed Amin