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التحصيل الإلكترونى

Vision and Mission of the college

Vision of the college Providing an advanced teaching programs and intensive training courses for students. Strengthen the personality of the graduate to be able to take his decisions. Assurance on the importance of the co-operation principle and the spirit of the teamwork to achieve the required results. Developing and deepen the community awareness in the several different sectors in Minia governorate to activate the role of the specialists cadres who graduated from the college. Developing the competitive capacities which based on the completely scientific basis in order to enable the graduates to be similar to their parallels locally, regionally and internationally.

The college mission: Preparing human cadres specialized in the different science fields and characterized with the great cognition and practical skills which consistent with the community needs in the different sectors and confirming with needs and requirements of the labor market. Preparing graduate specialized in his field and providing him with the different technical and theoretical basis that are very necessary for the work in the different industrial enterprises and the governmental organizations. The college mission aimed at raising and upgrading the graduates abilities through organizing intensive training courses, workshops and providing the postgraduate Diploma programs, doctorate and master degree in addition to increase the researches number in the different fields of science. Prepare knowledgeable graduates aware of all problems of the community, requirements of the labor market and the basics of the professional ethics. Providing technical consultations and aids that are necessary to analyze systems of institutions and the different sectors. Holding scientific conferences and seminars to upgrade and raise the scientific level. Exchanging the different experiences among the specialists in the different fields of the community .