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التحصيل الإلكترونى

Inauguration of development information technology program project
Puplish date: 2020-11-03

Prof / Mustafa Abd el-Nabi Abd el-Rahman, President of Minia University, inaugurated the development work for laboratories, classrooms for the new "Information Technology" program at the faculty of Science; In preparation for submitting program for accreditation, the realization of serious and effective policies for the university to develop learning process to serve students, and to ensure that the educational institutions meet quality requirements through the two axes of institutional capacity and educational effectiveness to develop its performance and achieve the desired level Abd el-Nabi also checked development works for the new part for information technology program after preparing it and providing it with two advanced computer labs with a capacity of 40 devices for each lab, and 4 classrooms designated for recording and broadcasting lectures , equipped with all educational and technological means necessary for direct communication with students..