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Terms and conditions for transference between Faculties

The Ministry of Higher Education will begin to reduce the number of "remittances" for students of the first and second stage next Saturday for a period of 3 days, according to the conditions set by the Supreme Council of Universities. The conditions for reducing emigration include the following:
 First: Converting to an Unmatched Faculty:
1. A student who has been nominated in the coordination process in a college outside or within its geographical area (a) may apply for transfer to a non-corresponding faculty in its geographical area (a) only where the administrative administration is located at the secondary school, Availability of the following:
 2. The student obtains the minimum number of grades accepted by the college to be transferred to it (regularity / enrollment).
3. The condition that the rest of the rules of admission to the college should be met, such as success in the capacity tests, if any. For example, a student at the Faculty of Engineering, University of Assiut, who is from the province of Gharbia can apply for transfer to a college other than the Faculty of Engineering (Science, Sport, Arts, Commerce, etc.) at Tanta University where Tanta University is located in geographical area. A total shall be met to the minimum of the faculty to be transferred to.