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Unit Goals

Quality Assurance Unit aims to:
● Disseminate a culture of quality and awareness of the importance of implementing evaluation programs for the target members: (academic and administrative leaders, academic staff & their assistants, the administrative body, employees and faculty students). ●Raise the level of confidence of the local and national community in the educational outcomes of the faculty.
● Communicate with the Quality Assurance Center at the university to keep up with the developments in the field of applying quality assurance and accreditation systems.
 ●Follow up on applying the quality assurance systems and accreditation standards by the academic departments and faculty administrations to serve the educational process.
● Follow up the implementation of scientific departments and departments of the Faculty for quality assurance systems and accreditation standards and follow up applying the improvement plans at the Faculty.
● Follow up the continuous evaluation of internal quality.
● Coordinate the various efforts of the committees in order to achieve the mission and control of the faculty within the scope of quality assurance.
 ● Participate in student and artistic activities, which contributes to achieving the satisfaction of both students and society.
●Support the processes of developing internal, academic and administrative systems to contribute on academic requirements and standards.
● Support scientific research and linking it to the requirements and issues of the local and national community
● Follow up the preparation of periodic reports according to the accreditation criteria.
● Continuous self-evaluation of the faculty's performance as an educational institution in various fields of education, research and community service
 ●Prepare the self-study and the annual report of the faculty .Also it aims to develop the proposals and plans for faculty improvement.
● Prepare accreditation files as a requirement for the faculty to apply for accreditation.
● Support the faculty to obtain accreditation from the National Authority for Quality Assurance and Accreditation in Education.
● Evaluate the performance of the faculty members.
● 17- Follow up on applying the faculty’s strategy to meet the requirements and standards of the national profession to ensure quality and accreditation in education according to the study of internal and external environment factors.
● Develop mechanisms to raise the efficiency of the faculty’s capabilities and its material & human resources.
 ● Prepare qualified cadres to ensure the continuity of the development process to ensure total quality in the faculty.
 ●Measure the satisfaction of (students, graduates, academic staff, their assistants and employees).
 ● Prepare databases and statistics related to the application of quality assurance systems in the faculty.  ● Follow up activation of the faculty to the accountability system.