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Student Affairs Sector

It is a department of the faculty provides a range of services to students as following;

Required Services & Documents

1-Obtaining University Card (•Receipt of tuition fees payment • Personal Photos)

  1. Issuing a certificate of registration (•Receipt of certificate fees payment • Student card)
  2. Students' travel papers abroad (•Issuing a certificate of registration for the Department of Passports after determining the position of recruitment for male students
  3. Postponing recruitment (•Recruitment forms • Military ID)
  4. The apology for the exam (•Request in the name of Prof. Dean • A medical report or document that justifies the excuse)
  5. Cancellation of registration for non- patients (•Request in the name of Prof. Dean • A document that justifies suspension)
  6. Transfer to Medical Administration (•Payment of tuition fees • issuance of Health Card)
  7. Holding special examination committees inside and outside the faculty within the university hospital (•Request in the name of the Dean • the document that justifies holding a special committee • A letter from the university hospital indicating his presence in the hospital and that his condition calls for holding a special committee)
  8. Statement of the academic case and the results of the former years (•Application Form • picture of the student)
  9. Authentication of the registration certificate by the university (• Certificate to be approved • A picture of the student)
  10. Transfer to a faculty from another faculty (through the central administration of transfers at the university (Sector of Student and Education Affairs at the university).
  11. Getting the student's file by the student personally: - (• Application in the name of the Dean • Faculty disclaimer • Payment of tuition fees)
  12. Participating in the Union elections (• Student card •fees expenses • Request for nomination • Survey form • Number of (2) personal photographs • Stamp 90 piasters • Certificate of activity)
  13. Required forms for student affairs (• the social research form for youth care • University ID • University Hostel Application • Pension form • Endowment Form • Spitting image • Student inquiries)
  14. Issuing certificate of graduation in Arabic and foreign language - Certificate of appreciation for four years - certificate of appreciation for the fourth year in Arabic and English (• Receipt of payment of due fees • Personal Photos • Personal ID • same documents for all certificates)

 16- Authentication of certificates from the university

   (•Application in the name of the Dean • Certificate to be approved • Student photos)

17- Changing the name (• Request in the name of the Dean • Correction, proofing and filing of civil status documents • high school certificate • Original birth certificate)