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Administrative Departments

Administrative departments

Faculty Administration

Dean of the Faculty

Prof. Azza Mohamed Mohamed Hafez


Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs

Prof. Dr. / Safaa Mohamed Abdel Rahman


Vice Dean for Graduate Studies and Research Affairs

Prof. Dr. Abdel Azim Mohamed


Vice Dean for Environmental Service and Community Development Affairs

Prof. Yosriya El-Sayed Hussein


Administrative Faculty departments

Faculty Secretary

Mr. Mohamed Hussein Habashi


Head of Student Care Department

Mrs. Manal Abdel Hakim


Head of Personnel Affairs Department

Mrs / Omaima Muhammad Abdullah


Head of the Faculty library

Mr. Rabie Abdel Moez

Dean's office

Mrs. Omaima Juma Abdel-Wadood


Head of Stores department

Mr. Jamal Riad


Internet and computer

Mrs. Mona Issa Mohamed


Skills lab

Mrs. Naglaa Foley, Abeer Mustafa


Public affairs

Mr. Syed Muhammad Khalifa


Head of Postgraduate Studies Department

Mr. Ahmed Ibrahim Galal


Head of Financial Affairs Department

Mr. Basem Wajih Younan


Head of the Department of Scientific and Cultural Relations

Mr. George Bishara Samuel