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About Unit

In an effort from the ICTP project to activate information technology services to reach the faculties’ beneficiaries from students, faculty members and employees, and to raise the efficiency of the educational process through the use of information technology in communication between the educational institution, students and faculty members, this project provides an opportunity for faculties to obtain distinguished services in information technology through creating IT Unit.


The unit is keen to achieve excellence at the local and regional levels in supporting and developing information and technology systems and technological services provided at the faculty and university levels, and improving its outcomes through a good information and knowledge infrastructure.


It also seeks to provide the faculty and its members, staff and students with various technological services, providing consultancy and training in the field of technology within the faculty, and contributing to technological mechanization in the field of educational management, teaching and learning, and scientific research in order to raise technological efficiency in all areas within the faculty and university, in addition to raising the efficiency of use through the human development of the beneficiary to support the educational, research and administrative system in light of the educational process quality.


-Completing infrastructure of the faculty technology

-Legalizing the development of operating systems and basic software used on faculty computers

-Developing an electronic work environment compatible with the university's management information systems

-Providing the necessary support to organize the teaching and learning processes that depend on information systems and technology in the faculty

-Activating the role of the university's e-mail as a main tool for communication between the faculty and each other and between faculty members and students

-Improving the performance level of the faculty portal

-Creating and activating an electronic and digital library at the faculty

Unit Activities

Networks and Infrastructure

-Providing technical support to users and beneficiaries of services and applications available through the university’s information network.

-Following up and solving all malfunctions in devices and networks

- Preparing a monthly report on malfunctions (aiming at the end of the current fiscal year that the average response time to resolve malfunctions will be less than a day, from two to three hours.

-Monitoring network performance and measuring the level of beneficiaries' satisfaction with the network's performance

-Adding new wired and wireless points in light of the available capabilities in coordination with the university's main project.

-Supervising the periodic maintenance of computers and its accessories

-Studying deficiencies, analyzing malfunctions and problems, and developing appropriate solutions for computer systems.

-Preparing periodic reports on the state of equipment and laboratories in faculties.

-Downloading original software and copies of antiviruses.

-Updating hardware software.

-Maintaining computers and printers or supervising maintenance contracts.


-Activating at least 4 electronic courses in the faculty’s majors in each term (it is intended to activate at least 8 electronic courses in the faculty’s majors in the two semesters),

-Follow up on activating the use of the courses (preparing student lists - distributing accounts to students - training students in cooperation with the university center - coordinating with the faculty administration to provide a place for students with internet to access the courses),

-Motivating and encouraging faculty members to convert their courses into electronic courses, and follow up on the production of electronic courses.

Digital Libraries

-Provides data on the whereabouts of information sources

-Consolidated Catalog of Egyptian University Libraries

-Egypt Library Catalog

-Bibliotheca Alexandrina Catalog

-Provides accurate data on sources of information

-It also provides access to the full texts of these sources from journal articles, books, and electronic theses

-Training faculty members, assistants and students to create accounts on “Google Scholar” and “Microsoft Academic Search”, a service dedicated to students and researchers in order to find research, summaries and information in any field of scientific research


First:  Activity of news, notices and results

Uploading at least two news items daily on the faculty’s website (from the department councils – the faculty council – youth care – postgraduate studies – student affairs – available scholarships – awards – competitions) at a rate of 50 stories per month.

And two news items were uploaded on the faculty’s English-language website every week, 8 per month.

And uploading the results of the first term for all university students.

Second: Continuing the activity of adding links that refer to the scope of the university through

-Social networking sites: upload all news to the Facebook pages in Arabic and English for the faculty, making sure that every new on these pages has an origin on the faculty website.

Supportive sites: upload news, notices and links to the pages of supportive sites for the faculties and university sites

Publishing the same news from different domains. Thus, the job of the news editor at the faculty level is to upload 2 news daily on the faculty website, Facebook and Twitter

Management Information Systems

Extracting the salaries of the faculty employees (public and private cadre) from the benefits system supplied by Mansoura University.

Operating the control system for the first and second term.

Updating the data of postgraduate students for the academic year.