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 The library seeks to be the center of intellectual, cultural and scientific life at the university and in the local and global community and also to develop and grow knowledge.


 The library is also keen to provide scientific resources in its best form in all its kinds and types, and to obtain it at anytime and anywhere to meet the needs of students, researchers and faculty members of diverse information for societies.

It also aims at creativity and innovation in providing services and information sources to beneficiaries in accordance with local, national and international quality standards.



  In its mission, the library seeks to contribute to achieving a supportive environment for faculty programs that encourages scientific research by providing information and scientific and research services of all kinds and by enhancing teaching, education and scientific research to support advanced curricula and support the educational process by linking students, researchers and the internal and external learning community with knowledge.

 The library provides information in its various forms and types by using technological means and also books, magazines and various scientific sources to meet the current and future needs of research, books, magazines and other sources