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Excellence Unit


 The unit seeks to support the student in applying and developing the nursing skills acquired during the academic years at the faculty.



  The Nursing Excellence Management Unit is committed to preparing professional nurses who are able to apply the distinguished nursing health care system with creativity and proficiency in the faculty.



The unit specializes at the following:

1- Follow-up and continuous training of internship students in the practical training places to raise the efficiency of the nursing care provided by the student to patients.

2- Training on the performance of administrative skills and problem-solving methods during training

3- Overcoming the difficulties that students may face during training

4- Supporting the student in providing highly efficient nursing care in the various nursing specialties in the places of practical training

5- Providing the student with sufficient nursing information and skills to carry out his work with patients and their families

6- Cooperating with the university hospital administration in providing students’ requirements during training