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Community Service Unit



Community Service Unit at the Faculty of Nursing, Minia University, should be a center for spreading health culture to all segments of the local and regional community.


 It aims at upgrading the health service (information, practices and behaviors) inside and outside the various sectors to serve the individual, the family and society through the provision of health care and scientific research.


The unit specializes at the following:

  1. The local community's awareness of the role of the Faculty of Nursing.
  2. Direct awareness of health problems in the surrounding community.
  3. Evaluating society's industrial, educational, health and agricultural needs.
  4. Developing the faculty's annual community plan and activating it by holding workshops, conferences and seminars for the surrounding community.
  5. Providing advisory and reference centers for the local community within the faculty.
  6. Raising health awareness among different segments of society (children before the age of five - school and university students - adolescents and studying their psychological and social problems - women of childbearing and post-natal ages - the elderly - workers in the health sector - families inside homes - patients and the nursing authority sector in hospitals - the role of Orphans - the role of juveniles)
  7. The joint exchange between the beneficiaries of the service and the faculty.
  8. The participation of various societal parties to advance public health.
  9. Performing protocols to activate community service on an ongoing basis for each of the agricultural, industrial, health and educational fields in the governorate.
  10. Conducting applied research for community service and environmental development.
  11. Participation in medical convoys.