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Postgraduate Studies Quality assurance unit

Unit Goals

The Unit aims to develop the University's performance and excellence in line with the objectives of the Quality Assurance Center at the University through:

1- Spread the culture of quality of the educational process and establish an integrated system that ensures continuous development and excellence of university performance.
2 - Description and report of the strategic plan and the curriculum of the College and the courses offered by the College and the continuous improvement of its level to conform with modern national standards.

3- Establishing an integrated database and files for the quality unit of the college and the courses offered by it.
4. Continuous self-evaluation of the activities and classes of the college and the performance of the quality unit in the faculty using objective mechanisms such as survey models and annual reports of the departments and departments of the college.
5 - Identify the strengths and weaknesses in all the activities of the college and study programs and the activity of quality process at the college and make proposals for continuous improvement and the development of specific time-bound work plans.
6- Effective communication with the Quality Assurance and Accreditation Center at the university and the Ministry of Higher Education and quality assurance units in the university faculties and medical colleges in other universities.