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General Surgery

Teaching Objectives:

The department teaches for third and graduate students, faculty of nursing and faculty of pharmacy, and includes:

  • - Description of the basic albino and genetic structure of worms and monocytes
  • -Shows how parasites interact with the body's immune system
  • -Identification, treatment and prevention of pathogenic parasites in humans
  • At the end of the course, students have achieved:

  • -Knowledge of parasites of medical importance.
  • -Understand how to take medical samples for analysis.
  • -Gain the ability to visualize the laboratory results and link them to different stages of the disease.
  • -To know the methods of diagnosis, prevention and treatment of various parasitic diseases as well as parasitic immune diseases.
  • -Understand the basic information about the immune system in the human body and how to work in the resistance to parasitic diseases and infections as well as diseases that result from the defect of this device in a simplified manner, especially parasitic diseases.
  • -Understanding the methods of immunological diagnosis and various laboratory interactions and how to use them in the diagnosis of parasitic diseases.
  • Objectives:

    The department conducts research on parasites and immunology.