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MU President honors former university hospital directors
Puplish date: 2020-09-14

MU President Prof. Mustafa Abd El Nabi, has honored the university hospital directors, whose their terms ended with the shield of Minia University as an honor to their efforts and diligence in order to provide decent medical service to the citizens of the governorate, and their contribution to all the exceptional circumstances that university hospitals have gone through during the Corona epidemic.

All respect, appreciation and gratitude to the following doctors

Dr. Ashraf Othman, Director of Minia university Hospital,

Dr. Ihab Rifaat, Director of the Urology and Nephrology Hospital,

Dr. Hisham Abd El Halim, Director of the hepatology Hospital,

Dr. Mohamed Ismail, Deputy Director of the Minia University Hospital,

and Dr. Mohamed Salah Al-Badri, Director of the Specialty Hospital.