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Faculty Goals

The undergraduate and postgraduate study program is designed to achieve the following objectives:
-Provide students with basic and advanced knowledge and theories in various fields of public and private law and its various sources.
-Enable students to develop their mental and practical skills, and teaching abilities.
-Establish and strengthen the practical professional aspect of theoretical legal sciences among students, and build their self-confidence and abilities to solve problems and issues.
-Develop the capabilities and skills of pleadings, litigation procedures and other requirements of the legal field of scholars and researchers.
-Enable students to conduct legal research, work papers and articles at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels according to a scientific methodology and deal with legal knowledge sources.
-Provide students with different work skills for raising the efficiency of their personal and institutional performance.
-Raise students’ abilities in logical thinking, criticism and argument in legal discussions, excellence, and choose the appropriate logical solution from among the alternative solutions.
-Strengthen the values and ethics of the legal and judicial work among students.