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Faculty Objectives

- The Faculty of Law at Minia University seeks to provide distinguished education in the field of law for the undergraduate and postgraduate stages, adopting international standards in the field of specialization.
-The College aims to prepare a generation of graduates qualified with distinctive knowledge and research skills to promote legal work in the public and private sectors.
-Teaching law sciences, encouraging scientific research in law and law in its level and directing it to help solve problems related to legal affairs and rights.
-Providing legal materials to other colleges that study some legal materials through the provision of specialized courses that meet the need of these colleges.
-Working to raise the legal awareness of the employees of the state through the programs and courses that can contribute to the college in the preparation and submission in cooperation with other parties.
-Contribute to the development of legislation and regulations through the outstanding scientific production provided by faculty members.
-Preparation of distinguished graduates and professionals at the global level in terms of competence and ability in law sciences, have the ability to compete globally and have the ability to develop in the field of law.