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Dean`s word

We can`t deny that the faculty of law at Minia University started as a small plant, but it became glowing in various professional fields and planned for itself a uniqueness among the faculties of law, whether in the quality of the student applying to it or in the quality of the education it provides, or distinguished faculty members who have been carefully selected to teach in addition to the availability of cultural, athletic, intellectual, social and other student activities.

The faculty is also keen to combine theoretical and practical sciences by visiting carefully selected places, as well as the model of simulation provided by the faculty students. So we congratulate you on your faculty whose graduates who supports these steps will be able to change their lives if it needs, a graduate at this level of efficiency, quality and specialization to achieve the country's progress in the field of higher education that is the basis of real development in all fields.

Long live Egypt …. Long live Egypt…… long live Egypt