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Abdel Ghfar and Abe ELMajd Watch The First Experiment for Argent Evacuation at Minia University
Puplish date: 2018-02-24

Dr. Khalid Abdel Ghaffar, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Dr. Gamal El Din Ali Abou El Magd, President of Minia University, and the Presidents of Egyptian Universities have seen the first "hypothesis" of a Minia University building due to an emergency. In cooperation with the Crisis and Disaster Management Sector in the Information Center of the Council of Ministers and in coordination with the Ministry of Higher Education and Minia University, with the participation of the civil protection and ambulance forces and the administrative security of the university. The experiment was attended by Colonel Akram Ali, Military Advisor in Menia Governorate, Col. Mohammed Al-Kurdi, Commander of Military Education, Colonel Sharif Al-Arabi, Representative of Civil Protection Department in Minya, Dr. Ahmed Saif, Director of Ambulance in Minya. Where the experiment began to see smoke rising from one of the floors in the building, and immediately issued an electric siren, followed immediately by the movement of one of the workers to disconnect the electricity from the building, and moved the security elements to report a fire to call the civil protection and ambulance, and began to evict students in an orderly and stages and calm And then the arrival of the civil protection forces to deal with the fire and extinguish it, and the transfer of the injured detainees from inside the building to the place of the ambulance, and in the meantime, the ambulance classifies the cases according to the degree of risk and deal with each case separately, where 7 ambulances were issued. Before the end of the experiment, details of the final fire position, the number of casualties, and the issuance of a consolidated statement were announced. At the end of the experiment, control of the situation was announced and the situation was restored and the lessons learned were presented and evaluated. Dr. Khalid Abdul Ghaffar said that the experiment will be distributed to all Egyptian universities in order to prepare and prepare for university students to deal with any emergency that may occur in one of the university buildings, and actual and field training on the evacuation from the building at the moment of emergency to protect the lives of our students. Coordination between the Ministry of Higher Education and the Information and Decision Support Center of the Council of Ministers and the Egyptian Universities to improve the national system for managing crises and disasters, reduce risks and raise awareness of society at all levels, Any lives and public property in an emergency.أ Dr. GamalAbul-Magd pointed out that the experiment was organized within the activities of the first Egyptian University Youth Week for the Disability Challenge, and in order to spread the culture of reducing risks and minimizing the damage caused by such emergencies. In the experiment, 800 students, as well as faculty members and construction workers. The Dean of the Faculty of Education for Early Childhood, HE Dr. Nabil El Sayed El-Gabas, participated in the preparation. Prof. Hussein Abdel Galil, Vice-Dean for Education and Students Affairs, attended the opening day of the evacuation. Dr. Hassan Mahmoud Hassan El-Hagan, Vice Dean for Environmental Affairs and Community Service, who prepared and equipped the college and the rational guidance in the work of the evacuation scenarios. The contributions of the college staff and workers have the greatest impact on the success of the evacuation.