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The faculty of Education for Early Childhood aims to applying the quality standards and getting the accreditation, through the following points:-

1- Provide resources of training & evaluation and scientific research through using and employing the library requirements as an essential aid for working in the faculty.

2-Provide the auto – finance resources through the units which has a special form and marketing the researches as a way for saving the required money to achieve it’s mission.

3-Prepare the students for working as a teacher and researcher to be capable of competition in the work shop on the local and Arabic level.

4- Support the childhood care center with human and physical resources through auto – finance to be a center for childhood researches and serving the society at Minia governorate.

5-Provide the administrative and Academic specialists for achieving faculty mission in teaching, society service and scientific research.

6- Develop the proficiency and skills of staff members and administrators to apply their tasks in teaching, scientific research and society service.

7- Enhance the relationship between the child education foundations in local, Arabic and national society, through exchanging experiences and social cooperation and enabling these foundations to complete its mission to prepare children to join the elementary school.

8- Provide the continuous training for all the workers in child education foundations according to their needs in the light of the recent attitudes.

9- Promot the quality culture among the workers in the early childhood foundations as included the treatment with the development process.

10-Taking the required steps to enable the faculty of marketing itself through the different electronic means.

11-Allow the opportunities for the students to practice the different activities so they can enjoy their life.