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The Historical Brief of the Faculty of Education for Early Childhood

Minia University The establishment of the Faculty of Education for Early Childhood-Minia University, is stated on coinciding with the presidential interest in the development of the childhood in Egypt, especially after issuing the Children's Act No. 12 of 1996, and the announcement of the Egyptian Child Protection Contracts (1989-1990, 2000-2010).

Also, the faculty ‘ establishment is stated after the invitation of the President on Science Day in 2006 to pay attention on child education and it’s institutions where his Excellency recommended on establishment of Early Childhood Faculties in Egyptian Universities. The project to establish the Faculty of Education for Early Childhood - Minia University, also coincides with the confirmation of the Supreme Council of Universities on its session in March 2007 concerning on establishing a hundred of new faculties in universities.

In addition to the strong trend of the Childhood Studies and Early Childhood Sector Committee of the Supreme Council of Universities to support the establishment of Early Childhood Faculties.

In addition to the availability of academic staff and assistants in various majors in the Department of Child Education at the Faculty of Education, Minia University, which can be transferred to Early Childhood faculty as an independent faculty which includes the following departments and majors: Methods and methods of child education * Psychology and child mental health * Taking into account the possibility of modifying or adding sub majors or basic majors in accordance with university rules

The establishment of the faculty of Education for Early Childhood-Minia University, meets the need to provide highly skilled and quality professional female teachers in performance and strengthen the professional development and in-service training for non-specialized female teachers or who have not received an integrated quality-based preparation system.

It also meets a great need to serve the Upper Egypt region and the governorates of Upper Egypt in order to meet the increase of the enrolment of children in early childhood institutions in the governorates of Upper Egypt and Upper Egypt to 60% in 2010, 100% in 2015 in accordance with the aspirations already expressed in the official State discourse on early childhood education in Egypt.