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Students services :

Admission procedures for new students:

The student receives the minimum admission level, which is determined by the coordination office.

 Passing abilities exam (arts or architecture) which is held in faculty immediately after the completion of the general secondary examinations, before result .

 After the nomination of the student for the faculty , and taking nomination card from the Coordination Office, the student shall submit to the faculty his file of papers within 15 days of the nomination or before the beginning of study at the college.

Issuing forms of medical examination cards, according to the date determined by the university administration in each faculty separately. Issuing payment authorizations to pay tuition fees.

 Extracting students' Carnivals.

 Carnegie Extract "University Card": The student will bring a payment authorization from the employee in charge of his / her student group. The student pays the expenses in the college treasury.

 The fees for the new students are estimated "111 bounds " in addition to "10 bounbs " for the college guide.

The student submits the payment of expenses with a personal photograph to the employee in charge of his student affairs to extract the university card.

Procedures for transferring students to and from faculty : The applicant must submit a request for transfer of the registration to the faculty to be transferred to the college after the completion of the statement of the case to be submitted to the faculty to be transferred to. Admission is considered when the student has the minimum amount of the total accepted by the college to be transferred. Centralized conversion through central student affairs at the university.

The cases shall be submitted to a Board for consideration of their acceptance and shall be approved by the President of the University. The student meets the conditions for admission to the "conversion character - completing his data".

 The application file shall be requested from the college from which it is transferred. The registration, registration and sections requirements shall be met. Procedures for Issuing Licenses and Receiving the File: Students apply to the Student Affairs Unit at the college for a vacancy. The student will pay the fees determined for each certificate "18.40 C + 10 character", by a request filled out by the knowledge of the graduates' affairs at the college.

 The student has the right to obtain 3 temporary certificates and a certificate of assessment for the five academic years completed and the receipt of his papers. The certificate shall be written on computer after its data and reviews are completed by the specialists and approved by vice dean and dean of the faculty .

The certificate shall be delivered to the graduate or his / her representative and certified by the State. Social Welfare: Social Solidarity Fund: For the student to receive the Takaful Fund subsidy, follow these steps: Withdraw the form of the Takaful Fund from the Youth care Office at the faculty . The data is filled out by the student. Students submit social research, including "salary for parents or mothers". Submit documents to the Youth care Office at the faculty for examination and assessment. The provision of material or in-kind aid according to the student's status