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Faculty achievements

The faculty achievements at the scientific sections:


*  Animation department:

  •  The award of the best five works For children in the age from 4-6 years old for
  • Prof / Eid Mohamed Abdel-Latif in his film "dakdok and Princess balloon" in Breginz International Festival for children programs in Germany.
  • The Participation of Prof. / Eid Mohamed Abd el- Latif, as a member in the International Jury at Breginz international Festival for children programs in Germany.
  • The award of children films in the international festival for children films in cairo\ Ministry of Culture for Professor Eid Mohamed Abd el Latif .
  • The award of Youth Salon For prof.. / Mohamed Mahmoud Ghazala - the Ministry of Culture.
  • The workshop of pro\ Mahmoud Touhami for children animation in the Festival of Children film \Cultural Development Fund.
  • The participation of Mr. / Mohamed Mahmoud Ghazala as a member of the Jury at the international Animation Festival of Anima Carib , in Trinidad and Tobago.
  • The bronze award For Mr. / Mansour Mohamed Mansour in the International Festival for Children Cinema in Cairo.
  • The silver award in animation at the International festival for youth in Fayoum for Mr. / Muhammad Sabri

* Graphic Department:

  • Establishing an art gallery for Liberal Studies, in Graphics department.
  • Awards at the field of graphics for some members of the Department such as:
  • First prize "drilling in the nineteenth Youth Salon "for pro Mohammed Atiyah Abd al-Jamil," 
    "First Prize in Drawing at the Association of Fine Arts Lovers" .
  • Mahmoud Murad Muhammad "Third Prize of Drawing in the Association of Fine Arts Lovers”.
  • The establishing of a privet exhibition of prof. / Wael Abdel Sabour,in the USA.
  • The participation of some faculty members at the General gallery for Fine Arts - Ministry of Culture.
  • A gallery for the second year, students in Minia Cultural Palace.
  • A scientific mission at the (United States of America). For Prof. / Ahmed Husseinn wasif .
  • Scientific mission for prof. / Ashraf Abbas Hussein in (Japan).

*  Decoration Department:

  • Establishing the scientific symposium entitled "inspired the heritage at the contemporary interior design," which hosted Prof. / Khaled Mehrez - the Assistant Professor at the department of Interior Design, Faculty of Applied Arts.
  • The Department organized a training journey for students of third and the fourth years (Expressive Arts) to visit cinema studios in the Academy of Arts and the media production city.
  • The department of f ered design suggestions to develop the control rooms of the faculty.
  • The department offered several designs suggestion to develop the rooms of the stuff of the faculty.
  • The department made a several workshops For the benefit of students to make the most scientific students , namely:
  1. The Workshop of "color methods and the impact of the various raw materials of the dramatic decoration" for the third year students (expressive  arts).
  2. The Workshop of “the use of color and light at the decoration of the theater”.
  3. Mental dialogues about the relationship between art and human manner for preparatory year students.
  4. The department studies the development of its Interior list on several consecutive meetings to update it to suit with modern-day developments.

- The faculty implemented and installed the statue of( Egypt the past and the present) and donated it to the maritime province of el Minia .

- The overall implementation and installation of a statue ( Egypt past and present) and donate it to the city of El -Minia.

- Addressing some government agencies regarding their call to present the Libraries College of Fine Arts with some of their issues in order to strengthen it and invite them to attend the conference of the faculty.

-The Academy of Arts has donated a set of its publications for the faculty which was about (445 book)

- The General institution for Cultural Palaces donated a set of their publications for the faculty which was about (500 authors)

- The General institution for Information donated a set of its publications for the faculty which was about (150 book)

- The Cultural Development Fund donated a group of their publications which was about (28 Book)

- making a gallery for the graduates.

- making a gallery for the students of Liberal Studies in the faculty.

- The Participation in making external gallery in el Minia Cultural Palace

- The sculpture department trained students through a workshop in Alexandria .

- The Department of decoration made a conference in the hall of Suzanne Mubarak, at the university and they invited Prof. / Khaled Mehrez

1. The entering of salary, members and staff data on computers.

2. Connecting the Internet network for the administrative and scientific departments, as well as an internal network in the office of Prof. / Dean of the faculty

3. Make a database for the student's affairs.

4. Repair and maintain the computers of the college and distribute it to the administrative offices.

5. The abolition of maintaining the typewriters and the use of writing on the computer.

6. Reduce the maintenance contract for the unused computers which replace by new computers in the scientific departments and reduce the value for the remaining devices.

7. Preparing the artistic and craft creative center .

8. Approving on build a connecting wall between the two buildings.

9. Rico company gave (2) copiers for the faculty.

10. Giving (1082) books to the faculty from different institutions which are:

• Academy of Arts .

• General Authority for Cultural Palaces.

• SIS.

• Cultural Development Fund.