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Educational Efficiency

Standard Academic for the Fine Arts Sector First: Graduation characteristics :

The graduate must have the following characteristics:

To be a creative designer in his field of specialization . To be able to perform the executive performance in the field of general and precise specialization . That he can employ his creative abilities in the service of society and its aesthetic requirements.

Second: Knowledge Building:

The student should be a theoretical and practical instructor to use the contemporary technology required by a specialized field. It is comprehensive in knowledge that relates to a specialized field both in the professional field and in the field of plastic creativity. To be able to analyze, evaluate and extract results in the field of architectural creativity, interior design and plastic arts To have the ability to build a systematic thought that aims to develop and search for the completed self (to be a crystallized personality). To have a comprehensive vision of all the architectural and artistic disciplines, both in its cultural dimension or the contemporary dimension, through the study of the history of architecture , arts and the study of criticism and taste. To be familiar with the programs of electronic accounts and digital information technology in the various forms required by the specialization, which increases the performance capacity in its various forms, whether in creative design or executive design .

Third: Skills:

Training on the executive use of creative thinking in various digital media to serve specialization and to meet the needs of society . Gain practical efficiency in planning, conceptualizing tasks, and adjusting areas of integration between different teams during implementation. The ability to set a precise timetable for the implementation of any technical project and the cost estimate realistically aware of the needs of the group and understand the market variables