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Production engineering and mechanical design

about the department

The Department of Production and mechanical design Engineering is the founding department of the Engineering Faculty of Minia University since its inception in 1957 as an industrial high institute until it turned into a technological faculty.

The department vision

it will be a distinct department in nationwide and to develop its programs to coincide with the curricula of engineering production and design in the world. And that its graduates will enjoy respect and confidence from all industrial and scientific sectors in Egypt, the Arab world and the Foreign world and to publish the research of faculty staff in the world's prestigious fields. And to become an urban and consultative radiation center that participates in the permanent development of the surrounding society.

The department Mission

The department is characterized by the presence of a distinguished group of faculty staff who have got their degrees from developed countries (Europe and the United States). The department has a distinguished group of research projects whose results are published in all scientific and international journals. The department works to strengthen its relations with different Authorities and various factories locally and regionally through engineering consultation and participation in the study of the facilities and products that have been manufactured to improve the methods of production or performance. The department conducts training courses to provide some employees with technological skills enabling them to acquire advanced work in the local, regional and Arab labor market these courses are sponsored by some of the largest companies operating in Egypt.


The department aims to prepare students to work in the field of production engineering, mechanical design, mechanical engineering and general engineering, by providing them with the opportunity to acquire many technological skills and expertise from a highly qualified academic cadre. The highest level of preparation consists of a group of scholars in many universities with a good international reputation. The student also gets the scientific and practical concepts of the production, and get know about operation of maintenance and repair operations of the various mechanical equipment in addition to the knowledge of the properties and uses of the engineering materials. It also acquires skills in the field of precision mechanical international and quality control standards. And the best way to plan factories and market economies the most important tasks of the engineers of production and mechanical design are: designing and re-operating the mechanical parts in accordance with the operating conditions addition to monitoring and inspection of production lines and the operation and maintenance of mechanical equipment as well as the ability to test and select engineering materials according to the nature of use and operating conditions.