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Engineering of cars and tractors

About the department

The Engineering of cars and tractors Department is one of the oldest departments since the establishment of the Higher Institute and the transfer of the Institute to the Faculty of Engineering and Technology and then to the Faculty of Engineering- Minia University

The department vision

The Department seeks to be a distinctive educational program in the engineering of cars and tractors to be as competitive as the service of society in line with the latest scientific and modern technology developments

The department Mission

Graduation of highly qualified engineers in accordance with the national standards for the preparation of distinguished graduates in the field of engineering of cars and tractors and armed with a strong knowledge of concepts and depth in the analysis of engineering systems and to acquire professional ethics and continuous development in the field of scientific research, thus contributing to the development and development of society


the Engineering Department of cars and tractors aims to graduate engineers in the field of design and development of all kinds of cars and be responsible for the mechanical load in all governmental and non-governmental departments, It is also responsible for the design of the car parts, diagnosis of faults, maintenance and repair of rail breakdowns, heavy equipment, tractors, agricultural machinery, construction equipment, marine vessels, and periodic and preventive maintenance. Some majors can be identified as follows: - The ability to innovate in design and to detect errors and breakdowns. To combat