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Department of Chemical Engineering

About the department

The Department of Chemical Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering – Minia University is the third department of chemical engineering departments in Egypt after the Department of Chemical Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering- Cairo University, in which the actual study was begun in the academic year 1942/1943 and first class was graduated in 1946. After that the department of chemical engineering at the Faculty of Engineering - Alexandria University has been established and its first class was graduated in 1954. The department was established in 1977 with the expertise of Cairo and Alexandria and developed with the latest international methods, opening up new horizons and modern fields for graduates to serve the industry and scientific research and prosperity. The academic courses prepared for the students of the department at the beginning of its establishment was technological in nature, as the technological materials accounted for about 50% of the total materials. The study was developed in such a way as to focus mainly on modern chemical engineering in its comprehensive concept such as factories design and its economics, process control, material transfer, intermediate separation processes, modeling and simulations in chemical engineering, heat transfer, movement, reactor design, standard processes and other modern chemical engineering materials studied in universities and International institutions right Now

The department vision

The Department of Chemical Engineering seeks to be a pioneer at the local and regional level by graduating chemical engineers with a high degree of scientific, intellectual and engineering excellence by focusing on the interaction of the department's curricula with the local and regional requirements and its continuous progress and creating the spirit of belonging in students, staff members and employees and activating team work in Research works that serve the continuous progress of the educational and research process and do not deviate from the requirements of the country and the industries existing therein, while at the same time leading to a clean environment conductive to healthy, and suitable life for progress. Thus the department wishes to reach self-resources that achieve this vision.

The department Mission

The department aims to: Prepare distinguished cadres and leadership in doing researches and studies Communicate with other relevant departments at the local and international level to keep pace with the progress of knowledge in the field of specialization Conduct a parallel interaction with the local and regional community and focusing in its work on the quality of their requirements including manpower, scientific and industrial research Provide scientific and advisory services to existing factories Participate in the planning of other industries to exploit the natural resources of the region.


the Engineering Department of cars and tractors aims to graduate engineers in the field of design and development of all kinds of cars and be responsible for the mechanical load in all governmental and non-governmental departments, It is also responsible for the design of the car parts, diagnosis of faults, maintenance and repair of rail breakdowns, heavy equipment, tractors, agricultural machinery, construction equipment, marine vessels, and periodic and preventive maintenance. Some majors can be identified as follows: - The ability to innovate in design and to detect errors and breakdowns. To combat