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Architectural Engineering

About the department

The beginning of the Department back to 1978. It was called Constructions Technology, then it was divided into the departments of architecture and civil engineering in 1987,
Prof. Dr: Abdel Moneim Hassan Kamel
Prof. Dr: Samy Ali Kamel.
Prof. Dr: Abdel Rahman Mujahid.
Prof. Dr. Mohamed Azmy Moussa
Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Hassan Nofal.
Prof. Dr. Antar Abdel-Aal Abu Qureen
Prof. Dr: Muhannad Mohammed Mohammed Hassanein Al Ajmi.
Prof. Dr. Khaled Salim Mohammed Fajal.
Prof. Dr: Mohamed Nabawy Abdo Gadallah

The department vision

The Department of Architecture seeks to prepare a generation of architects who are distinguished by belonging to community, preserving their architectural identity and having the scientific and creative thinking in developing solutions to architectural problems through developing architectural community services in accordance with international quality standards

The department Mission

The Department's mission is to prepare a qualified engineer with good education, a strong background in concepts and depth in the analysis of peer competition in the labor market. The department is committed to enhancing the scientific method of solving problems and analyzing performance as well as acquiring professional ethics.