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التحصيل الإلكترونى

Student care

First: Cultural and Artistic Activity

The cultural activity includes competitions in: short story - poetry - public information - wall magazine - in addition to the artistic competitions that are implemented by the Ministry of Youth and the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs and the Ministry of Education.

Second: Social Activity

Ideal (Female – Male ) Student competitions at - Student caravans, social research and social competitions in chess , also organizes the cultural and religious trips and camps of the Ministry of Higher Education in the Institute of Leadership Preparation in Helwan. The Institute of Leaders also holds seminars and workshops for youth entertainment projects for Egyptian Universities.

Third: Student Union Activity

Student Union Activities are integrated combining sports, social, cultural and artistic . These activities are carried out within the various unions in the faculty led by faculty staff.

Fourth: Scouts and Public Service

Public service camps and university campus - Courses for (male and female ) scouts students .

Fifth: Sports Activity

Faculties league - the individual and collective games at university - the training center of different games - the league of games at the university level.