internal regulation of the Quality Assurance Unit the


vision of Quality Assurance Unit


 Looking forward the quality of Faculty of Education, University of Sharjah to be a leading center of excellence in the field of the application of the quality of education as the cornerstone of the access to faculty in the fields of education, research and community service.




Quality Assurance Unit message


a message is determined by the Quality Assurance Unit at the faculty of education in the development and implementation of a strategy to ensure the quality of the educational process or the development of its outputs college performance of all aspects of the educational institution in cooperation with the Center for quality assurance and accreditation, different bodies within and outside the university to ensure continuing ​upgrading of educational process, research, and service the students and the environment and to achieve the mission of the college and in line with the strategy of the university , in order to obtain accreditation and keeping it. In the framework of the Ethics of Science University traditions.