Faculty strategic goals:

  The faculty aims to develop a strategy involving all concerned to serve the educational process, research and the community environment in light of the strategic plan of the university to reach continuous development and qualification for accreditation within the framework of the overall quality, to be implemented within the specified time period with high efficiency and outstanding performance.
Strategic goals are in the following :

1 - Preparation of the teacher who is academically and professionally able to carry out the profession according to academic standards.

2 - Qualifying university graduates for professional practice, and meeting the needs of the labor market in various disciplines.

3 - Improving Teachers, and administrative staff to serve both professionally and academically.

4 - Conducting and publishing research and studies, and providing technical advice in various fields of specialization, thus contributing to the service of the society for the purpose of continuous development .

5 - enrich and develop educational thought through the dissemination of contemporary educational trends and their applications in field work .

6 - Exchange of experiences and information with national, regional and international bodies and institutions related to the mission of the College .

7 - Modernization of new educational programs for undergraduate and graduate level .

8 - Develop graduate programs at the college to meet the needs of the labor market .

9 - Building an integrated system to improve and improve institutional performance .

10 - Satisfaction of students / faculty / administrative staff / technical staff on college performance .

11 - Satisfaction of beneficiaries of services provided by the College.