National document for evaluation standards

National documents for standards of evaluation and accreditation

(Levels: the foundation, graduates, and programs)


Faculties of education seeks to regain the top of the educational institutions aimed at the continued development in education, the permanent modernization of education systems.

This access requires the continuance of lead levels: Foundation and Education, and graduates to the best possible specification ensure quality in the performance of its functions.

Faculties of education must be committed to seeking to overall quality, and developed for Academic Accreditation from the national to ensure the quality of education and certification, including the following:

The standards of institutional capacity.

The educational standards of efficiency.


In order like other institutions of higher education, in conformity with the nature of the institutions to prepare teachers and specialists in the field of education and education.

Faculties of education is unique to the tabling of a large number of programs which require adopted to ensure the quality of its graduates at the time of graduation, in accordance with the standard academic standards consistent among all programs in specific areas (specialization - education - professional responsibility - personal capacity) and differ between different programs in terms of (specialization, the stage, the nature of a teacher or a specialist).


 The programs of the faculties of education

Academic Preparation Programs posed by faculties of education:

The preparation of kindergarten teachers.

The preparation of teachers at the primary level.

The preparation of teachers in phases: preparatory and secondary schools.

The preparation of teachers in certain disciplines of quality.

The preparation of specialists of education.