The achievements of the quality of

education and learning strategy Unit

Faculty Education of the University Minia

The College Council approved its on 21 /12/2015 on the education strategic plan and learning after reviewed by the councils of scientific departments and helping students and civil society.

 Strategic Planning Means a set of actions planned to achieve specific goals in the light of the possibilities available.

 - To maximize the output of the targeted educational Intended Learning Outcomes (ILOs)

 Review rating and the formulation of targeted educational results for the mission of the college and its objectives and the needs of the labor market and scientific progress.

Determine the size of the knowledge must be obtained by the student himself of the many Foundation; the so-called attic self-learning (Internet; electronic decisions; electronic libraries; field training).

The follow-up to the needs of the labor market and to know the opinion of the beneficiaries at the graduate level and quality of the specialization required.

The rehabilitation of the students in the final years of joining the labor market through training in the field of factories and companies and training may engage within the university.

Integrate multiple skills; including the uses of computer and information technology to serve the educational process.

Send repeaters and auxiliary teachers for missions to get the doctorate from the prestigious universities to cover the deficit in the faculty members, especially rare specialties.

Activating the alumni affairs unit and the development of the capabilities and provide them with the needs of the possibilities, including help in the performance of its work and ensures the continuity of contact alumni during the course of their work.

Maximizing the resources and sources of learning (faculty members, librarians; computer labs connected to the Internet; field training; internal system for quality).